Tours to Museums and Memorial Sites

We hold several tours to museums and memorial sites in Berlin and in the Land of Brandenburg.

The Jewish Museum

We can guide you through the Jewish Museum, and help you understand the architectural masterpiece.
Website: The Jewish Museum in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial

The Museum under the Holocaust Memorial could be visited as part of our tours. However, this museum radiates a very personal experience, and guiding through it seems redundant to us, as there are explanations in English near each exhibit
Notes: The "Information Centre" is closed on Mondays.
Website: Holocaust Memorial

The House of the Wannsee Conference

The House of the Wannsee Conference is a historical museum in the Mansion, in which the Wannsee Conference took place. It also has an information centre/library, which - among other things - provides names of all those deported to the East.

In general, we do not provide guided tours to the House only, out of respect for the educational facility's requests. The exhibition itself is also well understood in English. However, under special circumstances or as part of a tour to other sights (Jewish or otherwise), we will be happy to escort you and provide appropriate explanations.
Website: House of the Wannsee Conference - Visitors' Information

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, just north of Berlin, was one of the first Nazi concentration camps. The memorial commemorates the prisoners, many of them Jewish; although the camp was not used only for Jewish prisoners.
Website: Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

Ravensbrück Concentration Camp Memorial

Ravensbrück is located about two and a half hours drive north of Berlin, and served as the Nazi regime's camp for women and girls.

A visit to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp concentrates on the oppression of women under the Nazis, and on the role of women in the resistance against the Nazis. Some of the prisoners were resistance fighters and women involved in espionage against the azi occupation in their homelands. It also discusses the incarceration of others, which represented the application of Nazi racial policies towards "non-Aryan" women; and the types of women deemed by the regime "a-social".

A visit to Ravensbrück is also, on the other hand, a journey to the culture of memory in the post-War Germanies.
Website: Ravensbrück Memorial and Museum

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