The Architecture of Memory: How Berlin Remembers its Jewry

The question of how to commemorate and how to confront an uncomfortable past is something that every nation or group faces. The scope and severity of the Holocaust makes the German Vergangenheitsbewältigung (a unique German word which describes dealing with their past) much more challenging, to all sides: the victims, the perpetrators and those who witnessed the crime (and their respective descendants)

The tour, which is also available as a lecture or a workshop, traces some of the more interesting memorials that reflect historical, sociological and artistic processes in the German society.

Berlin, which became once again the capital of unified Germany, has some of the most compelling examples of Holocaust memorials – some are products of private initiatives, some were ordered by the authorities. Some were designed by Germans, some by "outsiders".

Join us to get to know some of these projects and the people behind them.

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