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Nadav Gablinger

Jewish-Berlin.com was founded by Nadav Gablinger, a professional tour guide and lecturer from Berlin, Germany. The comapny specialises in historical berlin tours and Jewish heritage tours in Berlin and other areas. Nadav studied Arabic at the Givat Haviva Peace Academy; and later obtained a first degree in Modern History of the Middle East and Political Science from Tel Aviv University. Nadav worked as a civil servant before obtaining his MA degree in Security Studies from his alma mater. It was at the Security Studies programme that Nadav became deeply interested in the dynamics between democratic values and counterterrorism, and he decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Political Science at Otto Suhr Institute (part of the Free University of Berlin, FU-Berlin). Nadav has published several articles on the issue of terrorism and counterterrorism, including:

  • “Muammar Qadhdhafi: Has Muammar Qadhdhafi served as a beneficent leader of Libya?”, In: History in Dispute : The Middle East Since 1945, David Lesch(ed.), Columbia, SC: Manly, Farmington Hills, MI St James Press, 2003.
  • “Terrorism”, “Warfare”, “Arabs”, “Containment” and “Egypt” In: Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present, Cynthia Clark Northrup (ed.), M.E. Sharpe New York, 2005.
  • “Action Directe”, In: NATO: An Encyclopedia of International Security, ABC-Clio (forthcoming 2007).

Nadav has worked as a tour guide in Berlin since 2002, among others for Insider Tour and for AGE-International. He also performed private tours to FITs and for the Jewish Community, the ZWSt, Civitas, several college classes, the Berlin-Mitte municipality and more. Nadav has also published about Berlin (in Hebrew), in LaMetayel.

Since 2004, Nadav is involved in ZWST (Jewish Community) led projects to increase tolerance in German schools, lecturing about the Mid-East Conflict and in Anti-Bias Trainings in these schools.

Media Appearances:

  • Deutschland Magazine : Interview for the 40th Anniversary of German-Israeli relations (in German)
  • SWR Radio: Interview about Jewish Life in Berlin (in German)
  • RBB Inforadio: Interview regarding the lectures in schools about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and about the conflict (in German)
  • Japanese National Television, NHK: interview about Israelis and the Holocaust (dubbed to Japanese)
  • Jüdisches Berlin (“Jewish Berlin”): Interview about Israelis in Berlin (in German)

Apart from English, Nadav speaks Hebrew, German and Arabic.

Tamar Gablinger

Another partner to Jewish-Berlin.com is Tamar Gablinger. Tamar began her professional career at university, when she became a tutor for disabled and visually impaired students. After obtaining her first degree in 1995, she joined the civil service, where she worked in educational and research projects. She led a small team of researchers and educators, compiling white papers and reports for senior civil servants. In 2000, Gablinger returned to the academe, working as a teaching assistant. She also enhanced her research skills, writing research reports for Jane’s Information Group (about political, intelligence and military issues; in charge of updating files for four small Latin American countries) and working as a freelance Researcher for various Online information brokerage sites, especially exp.com and inforocket.com (both now defunct).

In 2002 Tamar was admitted to Google Answers, an individualised research and knowledge brokerage service operated by Google Inc. Gablinger was one of Google Answers’ ten most prolific Researchers, yet maintained a high average of ratings. She answered question in a vast array of topics, with several clients specifically requesting to work with her. She was also involved in work “behind the scenes” at Google Answers, addressing grievances to those in charge at Google and communicating with other Researchers.

In 2003, Gablinger worked as a customer support agent for eBay AG in Germany. She continued at the same time to be involved in research and teaching. In 2005, she taught at the Berliner Bildungszentrum, an institution in Berlin-Lichtenberg, which trains job-seekers in required skills; and since then has taught and lectured in several other venues on a freelance basis. In 2006 and 2007, she taught courses at Humboldt University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies, while continuing to work on her PhD.

Full CV and list of publications is available at: http://gablingers.googlepages.com

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